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We take responsibility for the whole process involving the creation of new leases, renegotiations, acquisitions and/or sale and leaseback of commercial property. These processes are both time- and resource consuming involving, among other, requirement specifications, property search and contract negotiations.

The advisors at Moment Eiendom are among the most experienced on the market within tenant advisory services and have completed over 200 projects.

We do not assist landlords with letting, and are thus an independent advisor with identical objectives as our clients.

As the tenant's representative we ensure the best premises for optimal operation of your business.

Moment Eiendom assists businesses with tenant requirements throughout Norway. Through structured search and negotiation processes we
assist with:

Leietakerrådgiver - nyetablering og relokalisering
Leietakerrådgiver - Reforhandling
Leietakerrådgivning - Samlokalisering
Leietakerrådgivning - Kjøpsrådgivning
Leietakerrådgivning - Kjøpsrådgivning

New establishment / Relocation



Sale and Leaseback

Acquisition advisory

Our services

In all aspects of tenant representation, Moment Eiendom will serve as a sound and competent partner. We collaborate closely with our clients in order to understand their business objectives and provide strategic advice that guarantees tenants the optimal solution on the best market terms:

  • We have in-depth market knowledge with regard to vacancies now and in the future, new construction projects, real estate players, rent levels, etc. in all the major Norwegian towns and cities
  • We have an effective and proven method and our analytical approach provides decision makers with quality assured decision data
  • We take responsibility for the progress of the project and give our clients confidence that the process leads to the best alternatives and that all needs and requirements are being taken care of

New establishment /

A thorough search process will yield a number of positive effects for the business in addition to a new location:

  • Better interaction and internal communication
  • Ensure good and efficient work processes
  • Stronger identity and corporate culture
  • Strengthened position for retaining and recruiting the best employees
  • Improved cost-efficiency and flexibility

Expiry of a lease contract gives a business a great opportunity to test the market against the terms of the existing lease.

In parallel, you should make use of the opportunity to challenge:

  • Internal work processes
  • The efficiency of the premises
  • Whether the premises are suitable for interaction and future strategy



A well-organised co-location process should provide the business with operational synergies and financial savings, but the aim of a co-location should include more than this:

  • Create a common identity and consolidated corporate culture
  • Give the organisation new energy and inspire creativity
  • Better interaction and internal communication
  • Ensure good and efficient work processes
  • Many companies that currently own their own space/property, would free up significant capital by structuring a sale and leaseback agreement
  • Many tenants who are considering green-field projects or relocations can realize significant gains in buying property combined with a sale and leaseback transaction
  • We have the expertise, energy and execution ability to initiate and finalize acquisitions/sale and leaseback transactions for medium to large users of property

Sale and Leaseback

Acquisition Advisory

  • We have a good overview of the market for commercial property and keep up-to-date through our many property searches
  • We have the necessary expertise and experience to find interesting investment objects on behalf of purchasers of commercial properties, based on a set of criteria
  • We have energy and ability to initiate and conclude investment processes for purchasers of commercial property


Moment Eiendom is partner-owned and is not involved in letting commercial property for landlords.

Selected references

Our values influence our behavior and the way we work. These values help to ensure an inspiring collaboration and that we meet the objectives we agreed on.

We deliver what we promise. We deliver quality and work analytically. We take a long-term approach.

We challenge the client, take responsibility, are innovative and creative. We set ambitious objectives.

We are generous and give of ourselves. We aim to have fun at work.

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Why choose Moment Eiendom?

  • Moment Eiendom is an independent advisor with extensive experience as a tenant advisor throughout Norway
  • We have more than 40 years of combined experience from commercial real estate/tenant advisory services
  • We have completed more than 200 projects providing advice to tenants
  • Our team is made up of qualified, motivated, committed and solution-oriented employees with the capacity to give high priority to your project
  • We have multidisciplinary expertise and broad experience from, among other things, having been tenants ourselves in leading positions such as CEO, CFO, HR manager and IT manager. We have the expertise to handle the combination of business owner, management and employee perspectives
  • We offer a high level of service and good availability



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